Thursday, May 28, 2009

Welcome Back

If you have come here from Polycultural, my old blog, welcome! I decided to start blogging again because I've accumulated so much new information. I stopped blogging at Polycultural because I moved to Europe and was so busy settling in!

I have followed the paleo diet in the past for my health problems, but when I moved here I was healthy and felt invincible. Cue coffee, cake, and alcohol! After a few months, I got pretty sick and took NSAIDs again. My stomach problems came back with a vengeance.

Unfortunately, when I tried to go back to paleo, I found I was having trouble dealing with the standard fare. I started experimenting with raw plant and animal foods and I'm finally healing on raw fish, eggs (the country I live in salmonella-free!), wild greens, and berries. It's been hard going back to square one, but I've learned so much about food in the process. I guess at this point I'm high raw, high paleo, with a few assorted things that are neither.

I continue to work with sustainable ag, which makes me weird diet a little bit of a problem. I guess I worry about other people's reactions too much. In my own family I've converted my father and mother to a sort of paleo with great results. But at work I don't want to be seen as a meat-guzzling weirdo I guess.

I'm living on a budget now and it will be even tighter next year when I move to a big American city for a volunteer position with a ridiculously low stipend. I hope to use this blog to spread nerdy health and evolution topics...and eating well on a budget!

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  1. Glad to see your posts in my google reader list again.